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Who We Are

Founded in 2010, with offices in Vancouver, BC, Krakow, Poland and Queensland, Australia, FusionPipe provides convenient yet secure smartphone and wearable software solutions to improve enterprise productivity and enhance data & network security.

By negating having to enter complex passwords or use smart cards, dongles, USB’s, one-time passwords and related hardware, user authentication can be more secure in a “frictionless”, more convenient manner. Employees are happier and more productive while providing enterprises with the opportunity to decrease total cost of ownership and increase security – a “win-win’’ for all parties involved.

FusionPipe’s patented QuikSafe™ Technology, proximity based QuikID™ and QuikID™ Smart authentication and Secure Communications Framework using Bluetooth® Low Energy, are the results of extensive R&D initiatives and collaboration with universities and research Labs and through strategic vendor partnerships with Panasonic, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Intel, VMWare and AWS.

Having oversubscribed our latest equity round by 100%, we are ramping up the team, increasing research and development, expanding partnerships with government, enterprise customers and new channels to market, and accelerating the deployment of FusionPipe’s advanced solutions in our chosen target markets.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to provide innovative, secure authentication and advanced data security solutions that offer secure convenience, enhanced data security, increased productivity and improved user experience.

Our Mission is to be the trusted global solution of choice for Enterprises for increased data security and identity protection of corporate networks, mobile platforms, network devices and machines without compromising ease of use.


What We Do

What problem do we solve?

Our solutions address today’s authentication and data security concerns based around the major issues of using outdated methods of authentication including complex passwords, one-time passwords (“OTP”), smart cards, USBs, dongles and related hardware to achieve more secure authentication, while sacrificing convenience. FusionPipe authentication and data security solutions are specifically designed to offer secure but convenient authentication to enterprise staff, field service workers and professionals in regulated industries such as Healthcare, improving productivity while increasing security of confidential data and access to networks.

Our solutions deliver:

  • icon_whatwedoConvenient authentication increasing productivity and improving data & network security
  • icon_whatwedoReduced total cost of ownership, operating costs and support & maintenance costs
  • icon_whatwedoElimination of entering complex passwords, use of smart cards and associated readers, hardware dongles, tokens(RSA) and USB drives
  • icon_whatwedoFast & easy enterprise deployment using existing authentication infrastructures and software deployment of management solutions
  • icon_whatwedoReduced IT administrative & management overhead while improving audit capability
  • icon_whatwedoOptimal balance between increased authentication convenience and improved data security

Our Solutions

FusionPipe current technology solutions include:

QuikID™ Identity and Authentication smartwatch and smartphone apps

  • QuikSafe™ Technology Platform
  • QuikID™ - Passwordless Authentication edition
  • QuikID™ Smart - Virtual Smart Card edition

QuikSafe™ Secure Communications Framework

QuikSafe™ Bluetooth® Smart Wireless Communications


Why Fusionpipe

At FusionPipe we are passionate about authentication and developing the best innovative technologies for global enterprises. Our software solutions are cost effective, easy to implement & deploy, user-friendly & scalable. Our extensive R&D efforts and strategic partnerships focus on delivering the best possible authentication solution that address the increasing concerns of data security, identity management and compromised end point devices and networks. FusionPipe's experienced team and customer-centric approach ensure that our solutions for smartphones, wearables and smaller form factors in the IoT of the future, will provide Enterprise customers with much more convenient yet very secure authentication to increase productivity and security. Our solutions are software based and use devices that people already own, providing a much lower total cost of ownership, reduced overhead and improved end-user experience.