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A unique breakthrough in innovation offering

Convenient & secure Multifactor continuous authentication solutions

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Patented software-only multifactor authentication solutions

FusionPipe’s patented software-only multifactor authentication solutions provide enterprises and organizations with continuous, easy to use, convenient and secure proximity based end user authentication and auto lock.

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Leading Edge Technologies

All our solutions are developed to increase productivity, improve efficiencies and data security using leading edge technologies. FusionPipe's vision is to use its ongoing R&D efforts and identified best practices to pave the way easily deploy, implement and use Enterprise authentication software

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QuikID™ for Windows

Password-less Authentication for Windows, iOS and Android

QuikID™ Password-less authentication solution eliminates old fashioned and inconvenient authentication methods by offering convenient & secure, proximity based, automatic user authentication and device locking using smartphones & wearables.

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QuikID™ Smart

Smart Card & Reader Replacement

QuikID™ Smart is a virtual smart card solution which acts like a physical smart card, but doesn’t require any smart cards or readers. It leverages existing IT security infrastructures, is highly scalable and reliable, reduces operational costs and increases data security.

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QuikID™ Apple Watch Second Factor Authentication

QuikID™ for Apple Watch Second Factor Authentication (2FA) is a companion application to QuikID™ Authentication providing a higher level of data & network security and increased end user ease of authentication and device locking/unlocking.

PIN Codes & Biometrics

Achieve more secure Enterprise authentication by using 2FA QuikID™ PIN Codes and/or biometrics.

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