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Partnerships and Alliances

Our mission is to help companies to be as successful as possible in their quest to maximize business opportunities, accelerate growth, improve ROI and enhance end user experience. In order to achieve these goals, FusionPipe has partnered up with companies and organizations to promote, educate, distribute and support innovative technology solutions that differentiate and add value to businesses and end-users worldwide.

Resellers and Var's

Value Added Reseller authorized to sell and support FusionPipe’s patented QuikID™ authentication solutions within its existing line of distribution channels.

R&D Partners

FusionPipe Research & Development Projects include advanced research and development in second factor user authentication using biometrics and gesture controlled methods and advanced encryption technologies.

Technology Partners

Play a critical role in the promotion of innovation, integration and usability of FusionPipe solutions. In order to develop, test & distribute best of breed technology solutions, we work closely with a number of key partners to maximize our success and that of our joint customers.


Provide a platform for companies and professionals to connect with networks, key consumer groups and industries and help educate and create awareness, inform target audiences to promote best practices, new technology and innovation.

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Differentiate your solutions or services, add value and increase your deal size by leveraging FusionPipe’s Partner Program.

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