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QuikiD™ Continuous End User AuthenticationOptimize End user convenience without compromising security

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What is QuikID™?

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Simplified authentication & auto lock

QuikID™ continuous authentication solution offers fast & easy authentication and locking of PC's, laptops, tablets or networks based solely on proximity, without the need for username/passwords, tokens, smart cards or one-time passwords (OTP’s).

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In addition to the initial authentication of the end user to a device or network, QuikID™ also offers 2FA (second factor authentication) using PIN codes or biometrics. This provides Enterprises with a higher level of security needed in most use cases.

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Increased Productivity & Improved Employee Satisfaction

QuikID™ empowers the end user to use a smartphone or wearable to quickly & securely log in to access confidential data, based solely on proximity. QuikID™ helps to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction through frictionless, fast and convenient authentication without work interruptions generally caused by password resets.

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Improved Endpoint Security & Compliance

QuikID™ helps to eliminate the threat of password sharing, generic log-ins or easily compromised authentication methods, securing data at the endpoint. The automatic device lock functionality ensures that organizations meet the device locking policy compliance regulations such as CJIS, NERC and HIPAA.

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Easy to Use & Deploy

QuikID™ software-only solution is easy to implement, deploy and use without the need for additional hardware, long or complicated integration processes or end user training sessions – saving the organization time and money.

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QuikID™ Use Cases

QuikID™ meets industry device locking compliance requirements (such as CJIS & HIPAA) & provides stronger Enterprise password policies.

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Mobile Workforce

Utility Field Workers

FusionPipe has the only authentication solution offering field workers/mobile workers with ruggedized laptops and tablets the ability to use a smartphone or wearable for automatic device lock/unlock & secure proximity-based access to confidential corporate data and applications, improving worker productivity while increasing data security.

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Law Enforcement

First Responders

FusionPipe′s solutions offer law enforcement officers and first responders a fast, easy and secure authentication method using a smartphone to automatically unlock their vehicle-mounted laptop / tablet when in proximity, providing fast & safe access to mission critical data and sensitive information. In addition, proximity based locking functionality secures the device when the user is no longer in proximity, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data and confidential information and meeting safety and security certification compliance requirements such as CJIS.

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Healthcare Workers

FusionPipe authentication solutions allow for convenient automatic secure authentication to Health IT systems, thin clients and terminals, ideal for healthcare environments such as hospitals and clinics. Medical staff can increase productivity by simplifying their ′touchless′ log-in/log-out process, without compromising highly confidential Electronic Patient Health Information (EPHI). Unique user identification and Automatic log-off help organizations meet HIPAA compliance regulations.

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Enterprise Employees

With FusionPipe′s solutions, corporate employees have the ability to automatically and securely unlock & lock their PC or laptop based on end user proximity, using a smartphone or wearable. An optional PIN code or biometric provides an additional two factor authentication layer if required by the security policies of the IT department.

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Product Features & Benefits

New Feature!

Windows BTLE Proprietary Router and Firewall

QuikID™ includes proprietary BTLE stack and specifically built in "splitter" functionality that allows IT departments to toggle between an “Enable” setting (QuikID™ used in conjunction with other Bluetooth peripherals) or "Disable" setting in case the organization does not allow ordinary Bluetooth devices to be used by employees in the workplace.

New Feature!

Emergency Authentication

In situations where it is very important to access a device but for some reason the end user’s smartphone is not available (lost, broken, empty battery, …), QuikID™ Dashboard Client provides an alternate method of secure authentication. This involves the commonly known implementation of security question/response to validate the identity of the user and provide access.

New Feature!

Password Reset

CJIS compliance requires a user to change their password every 90 days. QuikID™ allows users to update their passwords without losing QuikID™ functionality and without having to re-enrol. As long as the paired smartphone is within range of the laptop running QuikID™, password change can simply be done through the QuikID™ lock screen Credential Provider (CP).

QuikID™ Features & Benefits

  • Simplified multifactor authentication
  • Convenient, fast & secure
  • Automatic locking/unlocking of PC’s, laptops, tablets
  • Single Sign On to devices and networks (VPN)
  • Improve productivity and efficiencies
  • Mitigate the risk of data breaches
  • Reduce passwords resets
  • Embrace stronger password policies
  • Enforce desktop locking compliance
  • Enhance end user experience and improve worker satisfaction
  • Deliver CJIS, NERC & HIPAA compliance for remote access sessions
  • Reduce hard and software costs including support
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QuikID™ Product Specs, Compatibility & Requirements

QuikID™ is compatible with iOS 9.1 and up, Android OS 5.0 and up & Windows 7 and above

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Supported Mobile Devices iOS 9.1 and up & Android 5 and up
Supported Computers Windows 7, 8 and 10
Authentication Channel Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy)
System Requirements Bluetooth 4.0+ enabled computer or Bluetooth Smart (BTLE) dongle
Technical Support Documentation, Ticketing Tool and 1 - 800 support
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EULA (End User License Agreement)

All use of FusionPipe proprietary software is governed by our End User License Agreement (“EULA”) and by virtue of downloading our software the end user agrees to be bound by these provisions

Software End User License Agreement