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What is QuikID Smart?

Secure Software-Only Multifactor Authentication

QuikID™ Smart offers Enterprises a simple yet powerful, secure software-only authentication method using a smartphone application. Your smartphone automatically locks/unlocks PC’s, laptops and tablets, or authenticate to networks and VPN’s based solely on proximity without having to insert a physical smart card or use a dongle or One Time Password. Convenient and secure. For improved productivity and increased data security.

QuikID™ Smart for CJIS, HIPAA or other Compliance

QuikID™ Smart offers proximity-based automatic device locking/unlocking in line with compliance policies such as CJIS, HIPAA, NERC & Internal Security Policy. It reduces the risk of data breaches and fines associated with non-compliance.

Increase Data Security and Reduce Costs

QuikID™ Smart replaces physical smart cards and does not require any additional hardware such as a card reader, dongle or token, providing maximum ROI. QuikID™ Smart leverages existing certificate handling software and back-end IT security infrastructures, is highly scalable and reliable, reduces operational costs while improving data security and end user convenience.

Reduce Support Costs

No more overhead required to buy, produce and distribute smart card. Eliminates smart card sharing to improve security. Up to 60% of support calls are related to smart card malfunction or replacement - no more!

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QuikID™ Smart Features & Benefits

Software-only Multifactor Authentication

QuikID™ Smart offers convenient & secure multifactor authentication without the need for additional hardware, delivering a compelling ROI at a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

CJIS Compliant

Proximity-based automatic device lock/unlock to ensure compliance with CJIS, HIPAA, NERC and Internal Security Policies.

Seamless Integration

QuikID™ Smart replaces smart cards & readers seamlessly and is compatible with all existing enterprise security infrastructures.

Reduced Setup & Operating Costs

No need to purchase, deploy and manage physical smart cards & readers and establish costly enrollment stations. Reduces smart card management overhead & IT support costs.

Increased Convenience for IT

IT Managers no longer need to provision and deploy physical smart cards; new employees are enrolled securely on-site via the QuikID™ Smart application, or remotely via a secure VPN.

Increased Reliability

No need to purchase, deploy and manage physical smart cards & readers and establish costly enrollment stations. No need for username/ (complex) passwords. Reduces password resets & IT support costs.

Increased Convenience for Employees

QuikID™ Smart supports automatic proximity PC access and mimics physical card insertion or removal. Employees no longer need to waste time finding and inserting a physical smart card.

Increased Productivity

Physical readers and smart cards are yet another thing that employees need to remember to carry. They may also require connection via a USB port, which is a scarce resource on many new computers.

Reduced Down Time

Employees can quickly be provisioned with QuikID™ Smart even if they are traveling. No need to compromise network security by reducing access permissions using their username + password, if their smart card is lost.

Increased Security

QuikID™ Smart supports automatic proximity lock (a CJIS requirement). Employees no longer need to worry about forgetting to remove their smart cards. In addition, IT does not have to worry about staff leaving cards inserted resulting in an unlocked PC even when they are no longer there. No more lending access cards to colleagues and unauthorized access.

No Additional Infrastructure Required

From an IT perspective, QuikID™ Smart integrates seamlessly into existing smart card infrastructures. The same set of integrated services such as Certificate Authority, VPN, SSO policy settings is seamlessly used by QuikID™ Smart.