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QuikID™ for Apple Watch Second Factor Authentication

quikid apple watch second factor authentication
add higher level of security


QuikID™ for Apple Watch Second Factor Authentication (2FA) is an companion application to QuikID™ providing a higher level of data & network security and increased end user ease of authentication. Without the tethered Apple Watch being in proximity to QuikID™ on the end user’s smart phone, QuikID™ unlock will not function, reducing the need for one time passwords, tokens, PIN codes or other unproductive means of providing end user second factor authentication.

no more hardware no more hardware


QuikID™ for Apple Watch helps identify the end-user and allows for convenient and more secure authentication to devices and networks. The Apple Watch needs to be in proximity to the QuikID™ enabled smartphone to allow fast and secure, automatic lock/unlock of a Windows PC, laptop, thin client or Tablet and VPN network, negating the need to type in a PIN or One Time Password (OTP), insert a dongle or smart card traditionally used for second factor authentication.

Features & Technical Requirements

Check out the features and technical requirements of the QuikID™ Apple Watch application

quikid for apple watch features

Features & Benefits

  • Provides proximity based Second Factor Authentication for greater security and ease of use when using QuikID™ Authentication for Windows
  • QuikID™ for Apple Watch negates the requirement for a PIN code, OTP or other authentication hardware
  • Automatically locks the device when the Apple Watch is no longer in proximity (even when the QuikID™ smartphone is in proximity), and authenticates and unlocks the PC when the end user is in a defined proximity
  • PIN codes or biometrics can be used in addition to the Apple Watch to further confirm the identity of the end user for authentication purposes
quikid for apple watch specs

Technical Requirements

  • QuikID™ smartphone applications for iOS or Android* (latest releases)
  • QuikID™ Dashboard for Windows 6.3.42 and later
  • Watch OS (latest release)
  • Dashboard for Windows as above, or fingerprint authentication to unlock QuikID™ smartphone app

Increased Security & Enhanced End-User Convenience

See how QuikID™ Apple Watch works with your smartphone and PC, laptop or tablet

quikikd for apple watch product diagram

*Availablity : QuikID™ for Apple Watch will be available for download from the iTunes store in the first Quarter of 2017 and works in conjunction with QuikID™ smartphone apps for iOS & Andriod* and QuikID™ Dashboard for Windows application.
*coming soon

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