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Windows BTLE Proprietary Router & Firewall

As a key component of FusionPipe QuikID™ Continuous Authentication Solutions, the QuikSafe™ Windows BTLE Proprietary Router and Firewall provides added value Bluetooth® Smart security features.

Built in "Splitter" Functionality

QuikID™ includes proprietary BTLE stack and specifically built in "splitter" functionality that allows IT departments to toggle between an "Enable" setting (QuikID™ used in conjunction with other Bluetooth peripherals) or "Disable" setting in case the organization does not allow for Bluetooth devices to be used by employees at the workplace.

Vendor Bluetooth Radio Frequency Differences

QuikID™ algorithms adjust the variances found in different Vendor smart phones and end user devices to ensure a consistent end user proximity experience.

Optimized Authentication Options

QuikID™ offers more flexibility in regulated environments such as manufacturing plants – giving the IT department the opportunity to optimize the authentication options within the security framework mandated by the organization.

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Software Components

  • Microsoft Windows Dashboard Client Software and iOS or Android mobile smartphone QuikID™ applications
  • Client Software includes the QuikSafe™ proprietary BTLE software “splitter driver” – Windows BTLE Proprietary Router and Firewall
  • Secure Communications Framework over BTLE which acts as a secure private VPN preventing man-in-the-middle or “sniff” attacks
  • Allows for regulation of the use of traditional Bluetooth communication – can restrict to only BTLE or open to both ("Enable"/"Disable")
  • Offers complete flexibility for Bluetooth wireless communications
  • Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10, iOS 9.1 and up; Android 5 and above
  • Patented software with security certifications
  • Software-only solutions – no additional hardware needed whatsoever (servers, USB drives, one time password dongles, retinal scanners, biometric readers…)

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Product Diagram : QuikSafe™ Windows BTLE Proprietary Router & Firewall